Find Rehab Massage Therapy in Shreveport, LA

Find Rehab Massage Therapy in Shreveport, LA

Trust the professionals at Surrenders Massage & Bodywork

Massage therapy can be a beneficial supplement to your injury recovery program. Surrenders Massage & Bodywork offers rehab massage therapy in Shreveport, LA. Our experienced massage therapists will evaluate your condition to better target your problem areas. Our therapies can increase your circulation and relax your muscles to promote healing.

For your rehabilitation needs, we offer deep tissue and myofascial release massage therapies. You can count on us to stretch and loosen any tightness and swelling to help your body heal more quickly. Discuss your injuries with us by calling right now. We’ll recommend the best massage therapy for you.

Don’t let a sports injury keep you sidelined

Recovering from an injury takes patience, dedication and hard work. Massage therapy can accelerate the healing process. Our massage therapist can help you if you’re dealing with:

  • Sports injuries
  • Car accident injuries
  • Postural dysfunction

Call us today at 318-918-1344 to add massage therapy to your rehabilitation regimen.